Português: Plugin para WordPress – Nextgen Smooth Gallery
English: WordPress Plugin – Nextgen Smooth Gallery

What is this?

Nextgen Smooth Gallery: A WordPress Plugin that allows you to use the amazing JonDesign’s Smooth Gallery on your NextGen-Gallery galleries.

What is NextGen-Gallery?

The best WordPress gallery manager plugin with over 200.000 downloads: NextGen-Gallery.

It is also a gallery viewer, but we think Smooth Gallery has a better presentation for images.

What is Smooth Gallery?

A JavaScript, open-source, search-engine friendly, cool way to present your images.

As they say “Because a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”, so check it out.

WOW, fantastic… Who do I have to kill to get one of these?

Fortunatelly, no one =). Just follow these simple instructions:

  • Download the newest version of our plugin Nextgen Smooth Gallery
    1. To avoid incompatibility, JonDesign’s SmoothGallery 2.0 is already included on our download.
    2. Download v.1.1
  • Unzip it on /wp-content/plugins/
  • Activate it on your wordpress admin panel

You are good to go.

How to use it?

In order to use NextGen Gallery, you were suposed to write [ gallery=12345 ] on your post/page where you wanted your gallery to show up.

To use Nextgen Smooth Gallery, just change [ gallery=12345 ] to [smooth=12345]

That simple 🙂

Admin Page

No more going to the source code. Set the default values for all your galleries from the admin page.

Special Feature – Preview

See what your gallery will look like before publishing it

Special Feature – IFrames

Jon Design’s Smooth Gallery is known for not working properly along other JS libraries like prototype and jquery (some of your plugins might use them).

Now you can make all your galleries appear inside an IFrame, therefore overcoming this problem

Specific Gallery

If you want a specific gallery to display a configuration other than your default one, you can use:

[smooth=id:xx; width:xx; height:xx; timed:xx; delay:xx; transition:xx; arrows:xx;
        info:xx; carousel:xx; text:xx; open:xx; links:xx; margin:; align:;]
        id: The id you were already using on [ gallery=id ]
     width: Width of your image container
    height: Height of your image container
     timed: true/false to slideshow your images
     delay: Time in miliseconds before moving to the next image
transition: Animation when moving to the next image: fade, fadeslideleft,
            continuoushorizontal, continuousvertical, crossfade, fadebg
    arrows: true/false to see the arrows for next/previous images
      info: true/false to show the image description
  carousel: true/false to see all thumbnails
      text: Text relative to the Carousel
      open: true/false to show the carousel opened/closed
     links: true/false to click on the image and open the original image alone
    margin: Distance from the gallery border to the text
     align: Gallery alignment: left, right, center, float_left, float_right

You can use any option above and in any order:

[smooth=id:4; arrows:true; carousel:true; links:true; width:500; height:300;]

Old versions

For compatibility with old versions, you can also use:

[smooth=galleryId, width, height, timed, arrows, carousel, links]
[smooth=12345, 400, 400, false, true, true, true]

Last but not least

It is completely free of charge, but we would appreciate if you leave a comment or write a post about it.